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Historic District Trolley Tour

Wonderful tour guides will explain Cape May’s history and architecture and how and why it has survived and thrives to this day.

Combination Trolley/Physick Estate Tour

This immersive, 2-hour tour experience combines a guided tour by trolley of Cape May’s Historic District with a guided tour of the Physick House Museum, providing an in-depth look into Cape May history and architecture.

Welcome to Cape May Trolley Tour

Find the hidden gems and the little-known treasures of this glorious seaside town and learn about natural and cultural points of interest.

Mansions by the Sea Trolley Tour

This narrated tour travels along Beach Drive through the early 20th century East Cape May Development areas.  Guides discuss history and architecture.

Cape May's Maritime Trolley Tour

Whaling, wartime and wild weather. Hear remarkable maritime history via trolley. Tour begins and ends at Washington Street Mall.

Combination Maritime Trolley/Fisherman's Wharf tour

Whaling, wartime and wild weather. Learn about Cape May's Maritime history via trolley. Tour includes a stop at the Fisherman's Warf for an up-close look at Cape May's commercial fishing industry.

Ghosts of Cape May Trolley Tour

Board a trolley with an experienced guide and you will begin to wonder what’s beyond when you hear the tales of hauntings unearthed in Cape May by famous psychic medium and author Craig McManus.

Natural Habitats Trolley Tour

Relax and be entertained in the birding capital of North America! Co-sponsored by New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory and Cape May MAC.

Underground Railroad Trolley Tour

Cape May was part of the Underground Railroad and this trolley tour tells of those dangerous days.

Combination Underground Railroad Trolley Tour & The Harriet Tubman Museum

Visit the renowned Harriet Tubman Museum of New Jersey that tells the story of this hero of the Underground Railroad and combine it with the Underground Railroad Trolley Tour that is part of the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom.

Stories of Cape Island Trolley Tour

Many stories of Cape Island and the surrounding area’s economy are in whaling and farming and while new industries have evolved since then, that heritage is celebrated on this trolley tour highlighting the island’s diversity.

Spirits & Oddities Trolley Tour

Hear several Cape May ghost stories and more strange stories from Victorian Cape May history that are macabre, mysterious or just plain weird!

Children's Trolley Ride

Board MAC’s jolly red trolley for a guided tour of Cape May’s Historic District geared specially for 3 to 7 year olds.

Spirits, Oddities & Obsessions Combo Tour

This tour combines a 30-minute Spirits & Oddities Trolley Tour with a 30-minute Strange Victorian Obsessions House Tour. Begins and ends at the Ocean Street Trolley Stop. Must be purchased together.

Historic Haunts Combo Tour

This tour combines a Ghosts of Cape May trolley tour with a visit to the Physick House.

Down the Shore Trolley Tour

Learn about the teams, ballfields, courts and greens and see where visitors of yesteryear enjoyed their favorite games and sports in Cape May. Begins and ends at Ocean Street Trolley Stop.

Graveyard, Ghosts & Mansion Combo Tour

Hear the stories and experiences of ghost activity in the 1879 Physick House Museum from the Cape May MAC tour guides who know them intimately.