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Annual Appeal Preservation Fund

Please help our annual appeal to the Cape May MAC Preservation Fund, no matter the amount.

Cape May MAC Preservation Fund

Now that we’ve achieved the milestone of our 50th Anniversary, Cape May MAC is looking forward to an exciting future, which includes the very important mission of on-going stewardship of our historic sites. In light of that future vision, we’ve renamed our fund the Cape May MAC Preservation Fund, with the goal ensuring these cultural assets remain Cape May’s crown jewels. 


You can make a donation to General Operations and let Cape May MAC choose where funds are most needed.

Zuckerman Endowment

Set up in 2013 in honor of Michael Zuckerman’s 30th anniversary as Director of Cape May MAC, this fund underwrites restoration projects and collections acquisition and conservation at our three historic sites.

Cape May Lighthouse

A donation to the Cape May Lighthouse, a beacon for mariners since 1859 and now a museum of maritime history, will help Cape May MAC keep the tower in tiptop condition.

World War II Tower

A donation to the World War II Lookout Tower, part of the immense Harbor Defense of the Delaware system known as Fort Miles, will help Cape May MAC keep the tower in tiptop condition.

Physick Estate

Preserving the Emlen Physick Estate has been a labor of love since Cape May MAC was founded in 1970. Your donation today will help us maintain the Emlen Physick Estate so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Cape May Music Fest

Since 1990, the Cape May Music Festival has been bringing beautiful music – classical, chamber, jazz and more – to Cape May each Spring. Your donation helps underwrite this gift to the Cape May community.

George's Angels

The George’s Angels fund helps us raise the monies needed for additional musicians, related expenses and original orchestrations for our annual Music Festival tribute to George Mesterhazy.

Lessons of History

The Lessons of History Fund was created to guarantee that this lecture series featuring important and enriching content, will become a permanent feature of the Cape May cultural scene.